International Have Fun at Work Day!

My father has been working for a major window and door company just outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota for 18 years. He is a software engineer – a mega geek who for the longest time took a break from looking at a computer screen all day by playing on his phone – looking at another screen. This habit gave his eyes and his mind little retreat from technology and information overload. This left him constantly drained and disengaged at work.


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A Dr. Seuss Holiday PlayTank(™)

The evening of Thursday, November 17th, we at Ziksana hosted our last PlayTank(™) event of 2016. PlayTank is a free, 90-minute creative workshop for professionals to network and explore using the science of play.

Unlike anything of its kind, PlayTank brings together a group of diverse, motivated leaders for a fun, educational evening with plenty of games and meaningful dialog. This event is a great opportunity to connect (and reconnect) with other professionals.


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Game Guide: Connected Stories

There is no doubt: the holidays bring people together, in the same room whether you like it or not. We at Ziksana are here to prep you on how to bring people together, on another level.

It’s inevitable that when a large group of people gets together, you may feel more comfortable with certain members of your family rather than others.  Perhaps it’s your sibling, a close cousin, or a grandparent…but one thing is certain,  it’s easy to reconnect.   (more…)

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Ziksana @ TedX San Diego

In case you missed us at TEDx San Diego, here is a quick recap.

Five members of the Ziksana Consulting Team– our fearless thought leader and visionary genius Akshay Sateesh, our Research and Development guru Hayden, our savvy and stupendous strategy boss Annie, our epicly awesome designer and get ‘er done champion Courtney, and our captain of content Abbey– hit the streets of San Diego to enliven the time between Ted presenters with playful challenges that identify how people prefer to play.


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