Our PlayDuctivity™

We combine the expertise of Leadership Development, the dynamics of Experiential Learning, and the Science of Play to design services that inspire leaders, teams, and organizations to learn new skills and get better results. We use our propietary framework to help connect the value of play with real outcomes.

An infinite loop between productivity and play

Our PlayDuctivity™ Framework

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An infinite loop between productivity and play

We combine our expertise in Leadership Development, Experiential Learning, and the Science of Play, to design services that motivate Leaders, Teams, and Organizations to improve their performance


Research Shows
that Play…

Creates Ideal Learning Environments

96% report that play helped accelerate their openness to learn something new!

Supports Creativity
and Innovation

Promotes Adaptability
& Openness to Change

85% of leaders gained more awareness & confidence making spontaneous decisions
95% report learning how to adapt to different communication styles!

Enhances Decision Making & Strategic Thinking

Helps Managers
Develop New Skills

81% report learning more effective listening skills
Collaborating is the #1 most frequently reported behavior at Ziksana's workshops!

Accelerates Collaboration & Team Performance

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