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When It Comes to Company Culture, Have Fun!

Did you know that more than 50% of people report that they are unhappy at work? According to Forbes, 53% of Americans report that they don’t feel happy while they’re on the job! Thankfully, workplaces and how we approach the idea of a “company culture” are changing.

Employers are starting to realize that employees who are confined to their cubicles from 9-5 are not maximizing their potential. Who wants to be responsible for a workplace where more than half the staff report that they’re unhappy? More and more companies recognize that introducing an element of “fun” in the workplace not only makes the workday more enjoyable, but has huge benefits for employers and employees alike. Corporate culture is letting its hair down and learning that “fun” is really serious business.

If you’re not sure how to begin introducing fun into your workplace, a workshop or manager skill training program can help get you started. Ziksana’s team members are masters of creating a unique and playful experience suited to your needs. Indeed, we use fun to facilitate breakthroughs in communication and supporting an environment where creativity abounds.

Play can take your organizational culture from routine to revolutionary! Here are just a few ways that integrating play can improve your work environment:

Enhanced Creativity

During the workday, a lot of problem-solving needs to be done which requires creativity. Approaching any problem from the same frame of mind repeatedly is going to feel frustrating, and it’s easy to get into a rut when you haven’t had a break.

However, having fun isn’t just a mental break. Fun can help you get into a different head-space, so you can tackle that problem from a new angle you may not have considered before. In fact, your mind actually works differently when you’re having fun. You’re more receptive to novelty, so you’re more likely to have that “aha moment”.

Ziksana offers a variety of services that support creativity. By providing a safe, creative environment for getting silly and taking risks, experts encourage your employees to think differently and change their perspective through play. Many clients who have used Ziksana report being more “open to new possibilities” and “willing to take action”. Thus, effective problem solving and strong leadership form in the workplace!


Having fun with coworkers is a great way to bond, but the benefits go far beyond that. During the course of a game or a team-building exercise, we often end up working towards a common goal. Thus, improving communication and fostering a sense of togetherness.

According to CIPHR, “nearly 65% of knowledge workers collaborate multiple times a day with their colleagues” which means communication is key. Co-workers who have fun together will learn each other’s communication styles and get to enjoy each other’s company, so they’ll want to work together to make future projects a success.

In fact, there is solid evidence that play encourages bonding and improved communication on a physiological level. When our brain is “at play” the amygdala,  the part of our brain which is responsible for our emotional processing, is activated- allowing us to relate to one another and form stronger bonds. In a relaxed, playful state, the amygdala is also able to pass on information to the prefrontal cortex, which helps us with higher functions like decision-making.

Increased Productivity

You might think that taking breaks or dedicating time for “fun” instead of work would decrease productivity. But you would be wrong. Not only will fun improve your employees’ creativity, which makes them quicker problem solvers, but an elevated mood can improve motivation. Then, they’ll want to work harder to accomplish their goals. A 2015 study even found that happier employees are around 12% more productive than their counterparts.

“Playtime” may seem like it has no place in the office, but, in fact, introducing the right kind of fun can have a positive effect on your staff’s overall happiness and your bottom line. Ziksana facilitators are experts at balancing productivity and play to teach teams how to effectively balance the need for fun at work and results.

Decreased Turnover

Dealing with high employee turnover is frustrating for any business. New employees take time and resources to train, and it can be a strain on other employees who need to take over additional responsibilities when a colleague departs. Having a fun workplace means your employees are going to be in it for the long haul. Dedicated employees who are committed to your mission are an important factor to your business’ future success.

Improved Health

Happy employees are also healthier employees. Play has a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk for heart attacks and strokes, according to WebMD. Fun is also important for your mental health because it can improve your ability to cope with stress and allow you to bounce back from difficult or sad situations more quickly. By introducing the habit of play in the workplace, you can foster an environment where employees are more resilient to both personal and work-related setbacks.

Learn More About Making Company Culture Fun

Introducing fun into your workplace can be a huge asset whether you’re looking to attract or keep quality talent, and it will bring out the best in all your employees. When your team is working together and enjoying themselves and their company, they can do incredible things!

At Ziksana, we use the science of play to introduce your employees to new ways of learning, so that they can get comfortable taking risks and practicing new skills. Our clients report that they’re able to take the skills they learned directly to the workplace, which means they are practicing teamwork, cooperation, and creative problem solving on the job.

If you’re interested in bringing the benefits of play to your workplace, let us know! Our experts are here to tailor a play-based learning experience directly to you and your employees, so all your unique needs can be met. Learn more about team motivation through play in our “Managing Personal and Team Motivation” live online workshop!
Learn the Game of 11 to break the ice at your next meeting or event!

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